Jumat, 22 Mei 2009

Feeling Empty

I Open my eyes. I try to see all of my life.
I can remember all of memories with my Family and all my friends in vilege.
But Just only my memories.
I Can't go Back and life goes on.
In Here i'am alone.
In here i'am lonely.
I have'nt friends anymore.
but I believe that someone's watching over me.
And Keep give me more spirit in every step in my life.

Today say thank you very much to God Alloh SWT.
Who has given me the mercy and the blessing...
So i can wake up to look sun rise in the morning.

I hear one song "someone's watching over me" from Hilarry Duff.
With this song i can get new spirit to arround my life in this world.

I dont know...
How long i can it.
But I believe that sometime I can get that i want.
And I can fly so high.
It Does'nt matter how people say.
It Does'nt matter how long it take.
I believe my self.
I leason to my heart.
And i follow my heart.


  1. Honda insight hybrid said...
    Puisi yang bagusss...puisi bahasa ingrisnya apa yach???? hm....:D

    I try to sing it, it will be more interesting.


    Tinggalkan jejakmu di blog saya>_<
    Honda insight hybrid said...
    maknanya dalem banget...so sweet

    thanks for commenting mya blog.

    Blogwalking for Unity

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