Selasa, 06 Maret 2012

My Holiday

Yeah…back to basic…

Single is my choices. I can smile again.

Keep good relationship with my best friend, my family…

I think it’s Good enough for me.

No more “GALAU” hahaha….

Start from my Holiday in Singapore…. I feel so happy in there.

Even I stay in there only for 2 days, I feel Great….

17th Feb 2012

This is my International holiday for the firs time.

Before, I has plan to come to Vietnam…

But, My best friend has a personal reason, so…we decide to re schedule on May 2012 for the Vietnam Flight.

And, we chose Singapore flight for this replacement.

This is my sample picture when I arrive in Changi air port.

Orchid Garden

And this is my picture in Marina bay.

China town


Universal Studio


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